Homework Week 5

Reading – 4 nights

Writing – reading response about ‘All the things that could go Wrong’

Include topics from Reading Journal Topics

  • How it reminds of something
  • How the book makes you feel
  • Whether you like the book or not
  • How do you feel about the characters?
  • What are your questions or wonderings

Maths –

Choose the times tables that you need to work on. Practise and get your parent to sign.

If you think you’ve got them, come and get it signed off by your teacher.

Worded problem: I am planning a trip from Melbourne to Canberra.

How far will I need to travel?
The bus driver is only allowed to drive for 2 hours at a time.

If the bus travels at 100km/hr where might he choose to stop?

How many stops will be needed on the journey?

We can travel around 350km before needing to refuel.

How many times will I have to stop for fuel?

Look at a map and find out where I could stop.

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